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Conservatory Roof Blinds
Our Conservatory Horizontal Blinds are the same as normal Horizontal Blinds but usually fitted on the slope. Because the vanes are sprung they do not sag and, particularly as we only recommend the reflective clear vision materials, are especially efficient at reducing summer solar heat and glare. Unlike normal conservatory blinds they can easily be opened or adjusted to allow full light in on gloomy days.
They also do not catch the flies and dust as much as normal roof blinds and the clear vision vanes are washable!
They are not suitable for any situations other than for rectangular panels.

Your Options
  • Rails are white as standard.
  • Standard Clip or Adjustable Bracket fixation
  • 89mm or 127mm vane options
  • Choice of vane stacking and cording arrangements

Solstis Fabric FR

Solstis Fabric FR

Mostly Plain Fire Resistant Fabric
Slightly Reflective Backed

Low Light Transmission

Medium/High Solar Heat Rejection

Ten colour Choices

Maximum Vane Length 200cm