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De-Luxe Roller Blind and Cassette
These are the De-Luxe Roller blind with the addition of a side cassette edge profile for the blind material to slide up and down within. The benefit of this is that the blind's efficiency is greatly increased by preventing any light or heat leakage round the edges and also greatly reduces any winter heat loss. Two types of edge profiles are optional - a "U" profile or "Blackout" which used in conjunction with a blackout material will eliminate virtually , if not, all light transmission when the blind is closed.
Clear Vision Embossed Films

Clear Vision Embossed Films

Polyester embossed clear vision film material
Silvered reflective external surface
Extremely effective solar heat rejection
Extremely effective solar glare reduction
Seven colour choices
Material width 183cm - can be jointed
Maximum dimensions -
300x200cm with joint
280x220cm with joint
260x260cm with joint
240x300cm with joint


Embossed Dark Grey Clear Vision Film material
Silvered to exterior
Highly effective
Total Solar Energy rejected 92%
Glare Reduction 97%
Light Transmission 3%