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Vertical Blinds and Rails

With either Clear Vision Embossed Film Materials (there are no other materials on the market as effective in reducing solar heat and glare) or a range of Textile Materials - some with silvered linings to give very good solar rejection properties and a range of Blackout Materials (always remembering that light will pass either side of the vanes when they are not correctly aligned)

Your Options 

  • 127 or 89mm vanes
  • Clips or bracket fixings
  • 8 different stacking and cording options
Blackout Embossed Reflective Films

Blackout Embossed Reflective Films

Polyester embossed blackout film material
Silver to exterior
The most effective solar rejection properties


Embossed dark black opaque material.
Silvered to exterior.
Highly effective
Total Solar Energy rejected 95%
Glare Reduction 100%
Light Transmission 0%