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De-Luxe Roller Blinds
These are roller blinds that are contained within a metal box to protect the material and which contain brushes that clean the blind material each time the blind is raised or lowered.
The De-Luxe Roller Blind is a very attractive blind with three basic colours available for the box and mechanisms, ideal for home or office situations, and having all the the other options available for the standard blind.
Clear Vision Embossed Pleated

Clear Vision Embossed Pleated

Polyester embossed clear vision pleated film material
Mostly silver to exterior
The most effective solar rejection properties
Six colour choices
Maximum dimensions :-
187x300cm -no joints possible


Embossed Light Silver Clear Vision Film material
Silvered to exterior
Very effective
Total Solar Energy rejected - 85%
Glare Reduction - 84%
Light Transmission - 15%