About Our Products

We specialise in the supply of a range of Blinds that are highly effective in reducing the sun's heat gain through glazing within rooms, offices and conservatories.

These blinds can be either Roller or Vertical with a number of differing options within each range.


The blind materials offered either use Reflective Solar Film technology or are otherwise cloth materials mostly with a solar reflective backing.


The Solar Film - Embossed Clear Vision - Blinds are definitely the most effective and can have the following benefits 

  • Up to 94% Solar Energy reduction
  • Up to 98% Glare Reduction
  • Clear vision through the blind even when it is in situ (during daylight hours)
  • Provide a high level of privacy
  • The film materials have a number of variants being either clear (flat), embossed reflective, pleated or even blackout - the latter not being "Clear Vision" !
  • Flexibility - they can be drawn as and when required to reduce solar heat and glare or open on dull days
  • Greatly reduce winter heat loss through windows
  • Dramatic reduction in air conditioning running and maintenance costs
  • The Film materials are equally as robust as the more usual blind materials.


The Cloth materials are not as efficient as the Solar Films but are still appropriate for particular situations.

The main specifications for each material is shown when you are asked to choose your material. 

All the blinds are made to a high standard using the best quality materials and giving you a number of options as to type,colour, material and specification. 

We know that your living and working environment will be beneficially improved by our reflective blinds once they have been installed!