About Us


Our aim is to provide our customers with the most effective solar reflective blinds


We know that there is no other blind material on the market that is more effective at reducing the sun's effects than our CLEAR VISION EMBOSSED FILM 

We are a well established importer and supplier of a comprehensive range of very high quality but affordable speciality Solar blinds designed specifically to dramatically reduce the effects of the sun in your home, office or conservatory.

Using special materials with highly reflective coatings, some of  our solar blinds will reduce incoming heat and glare by well over 90 per cent.

Ultra Violet light is also reduced by over 99 per cent when the blinds are in situ.

Properly aligned our blinds will also reduce night time radiant energy heat loss by over 50%

About Us
About Us

The best selling and unique "Clear Vision"  Embossed blinds material, besides giving the most dramatic heat and glare benefits, also enable the user to see clearly out through the window, even when the blind is in situ, whilst still providing daytiime privacy.

We do also offer a comprehensive range of alternative materials besides the clear vision film materials mostly chosen for their efficacy at reducing solar heat and glare problems

You can check out the various types and their appropriateness to your requirements through the "Materials" Section 

All our solar blinds are designed to be easily installed by a reasonably competant DIY enthusiast, using simple clips or extendable brackets, screwed to the wall or within the window rebate as appropriate.

We are a UK based organisation but our manufacturing source is based in Luxembourg and Paris and they have been succesfully manufacturing these special blinds since 1985.  Since that time they have been steadily improving their range with technological advances so that we can offer the latest and best materials to meet your needs.

We have negotiated very competitive prices with our manufacturer and, because the range is offered online, we are able to reflect this in the prices offered to you, our customers.