"How soon can I expect to receive my order?"   -   Usually we anticipate dispatch from our manufacturer to be effected within three weeks, often sooner, but we cannot guarantee that especially in the high demand periods in the middle of the year.  

Ready made, "Sterling Screen Express" roller blinds will usually be dispatched within two working days of receiving the order.


Solar Properties


"Which materials are best for heat rejection?"   -     Undoubtedly the most effective materials for heat rejection are found within our Embossed Clear Vision Film and Pleated Film ranges which still allow daylight vision out. Check out the options that will suit you best when you have chosen the type of blind you need. 


"My furnishings and fabrics suffer from fading problems, do the Film material blinds reduce UV transmission?"   -   Yes !  UV transmission through all our film materials is reduced by over 99% and solar heat damage to wooden furnishing can be eliminated with the correct use of Embossed Film material blinds.


"I cannot see my computer monitor because of the light coming through my office windows although the blinds are closed. What can I do?"   -  If you have vertical blinds, the norm in offices and usually they have light coloured vanes which are reflected in screens obscuring your vision, and the rails are still in good order you could change the vanes for a set of Clear Vision Embossed Reflective Film vanes.  I would choose from either Cobalt, Eclipse or Alustar as these offer the highest degree of both glare reduction to comply with current EC standards whilst providing the additional benefit of very high solar heat rejection.  You will also be able to see out through your windows without drawing the blinds so you will not feel that you are working in a prison !