How to Order

Before placing an order you will need to have decided on the number and type of blind you need and to have the correct measurements for each blind - please refer to our measurement guide section.

ordering process

  • step-1

    Choose either ROLLER BLINDS, VERTICAL BLINDS or HORIZONTAL BLINDS either from the Home Page pictures at the bottom or the side bar menus.
  • step-2

    You will then be given the various choices available for that type of blind beginning with the type and then colour of the material options - press "SELECT & CONTINUE" to proceed.
  • step-3

    Having chosen the specific material you will then be asked for the dimensions and numbers required and whether you require the various options that are available.
  • step-4

    As you proceed through the process you will see a box detailing the type of blind selected together with the material and colour and your options detailed with the cost shown at the bottom of the screen.
  • step-5

    When you add to basket, you will find a summary of all your order including total cost, delivery charges and VAT and specific details of each blind ordered can be identified by clicking the + button in the details box.
  • step-6

    Once you have completed your orders just proceed to checkout to complete the payment process.