Roller Blinds Measurement Guide


Roller Blinds can normally be fitted either onto the face of your window frame, either onto a batten or directly onto the wall above - we call this Overlap Fitting - or by attaching to the lintel within the recess which we call Recess Fitting.


When measuring, for whichever method, we always recommend the use of a steel tape measure and to take measurements in millimetres (to the nearest 0.5cm) at three stations in either direction for width and drop.

If you wish to install the blind so that it Overlaps the window, measure the exact area you wish the blind to cover, width and drop. Please be aware that the blind material will measure approximately 40mm less than the blind frame. You should also ensure a flat surface of a minimum of 50mm is available for mounting the blind above the window. If possible always allow a minimum of 50mm overlap on both sides as this will minimise the amount of light passing around the edges of the blind. The length of the drop is up to your personal preference but again a minimum  50mm overlap is  recommended.

If you wish to install the blind within the Recess, measure exactly in each direction at three stations and use the smallest measurement for the width - we then recommend you deduct 0.5 to 1cm to allow for a small amount of clearance on either side of the blind for ease of fitting.  For the De-Luxe Roller Blinds with Side Panels accurate measurement is a pre-requisite for both widths and drops.

In addition to the above details, you will also need to decide which type of control you would like for your blind - either a Chain and Cord mechanism, a Sprung mechanism or a Motorised option.

If you decide on a Chain and Cord mechanism you will also have to decide whether it needs to be on the Left or the Right hand side.

You are offered a number of options as you proceed through the buying process to ensure you get the blind that exactly meets your requirements. 

 Patterned Rollar Blinds


 The minimum width and drop varies dependent upon the type of material chosen and whether ican be contained within a box or not.

The parameters are detailed in the data given with each material




Please do bear in mind for all measurements any obstacles, such as opening window handles, radiators, shelves etc., that could interfere with the perfect operation of your blind.

Also consider the possible interference of the operation of the blind by windows that open inwards.  It is not advisable to measure for a Recess fitting in this case.