Our Range of Roller Blinds

Add charm to your home and make it a welcoming abode with our amazing range of readymade roller blinds. Discover the inspiration for the stylish sleek roller blinds in stunning designs and striking colours for home or office décor. Our readymade roller blinds reduce solar heat and glare and provide the required privacy thereby providing best living and working environments. Our range includes standard roller blinds, de-luxe box blinds, de-luxe with side panels, jumbo blinds and more. Our Smart "A" Roller Blinds can be fitted in situations where fitting other blinds would not be appropriate, as they could be fitted directly to the glass or to the glass frame if there is enough space.

We at Solar Blinds offer a wide selection of materials, including those that have solar rejection properties, along with a number of other options for the blinds. Apart from an array of materials, we stock amazing colour options too. You can explore all the various options available with us to choose from and then finally buy the blinds as per your needs and requirement. Every room in your home has a different theme and according to that you'll have to decide. Similarly, if you are buying blinds for your office renovation, then also need to keep in mind the purpose before finalising blinds.