Roller Blinds - Ready Made Blinds

The Sterling Screen Clip Express is a top of the range ready made

product at a very reasonable price.

These are READY MADE standard roller blinds, with metal back profile, that have been made to specific standard widths and drops and, with over 3000 in stock ready for instant dispatch, there is no reason for you to wait for the manufacture to specific dimensions if these will do! 

Using only the best selling and extremely effective Embossed Cobalt reflective clear vision material: -

Visible light transmission                      3%

Solar  Energy rejected                          92%  

Glare reduction                                      97%

Ultraviolet transmission                       > 1%

 Embossed Cobalt Film Material

Your Options are limited as these are standardised blinds but.  

  • Blinds have white  profiles with matching chain mechanism as standard.
  • Right handed mechanism but can be reversed to the left by the user.
  • Standard Clip or Adjustable Bracket fixation options.
  • Block holders are available for fixing to window and door frames.
  • Nylon guiding is available for blinds to be fixed against sloped glazing.
  • Orders for more than 10 identical blinds at one time may be subject to slight delay in dispatch!

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Sterling Screen Clip Express
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If you are not exactly sure that the particular material is absolutely right then you can order up to five different material samples at a cost of £3.50 or for more at a cost of £7.00 by following the ORDER SAMPLES process.