Our Range of Vertical Blinds

Transform your office or home décor with our contemporary collection of vertical blinds. Gorgeous designs and patterns of vertical blinds will steal your heart. We are one of the leading suppliers of high quality vertical blinds in UK. Get excellent protection from heat and strong sunrays through our novel range of PVC vertical blinds. Our range also includes high quality Soltis M1 vertical blinds available at affordable prices. Other varieties include various materials, films including blackout materials, rails only, vanes only and more. Before buying, you must have the measurements of all your windows where you are planning to fit blinds.

At Solar Blinds we offer a huge choice of blinds materials, fabrics and colours to choose from. The benefits of vertical blinds are that they attract less dust and hence are easy to clean. Vertical blinds create an illusion of height so it is recommended to opt for vertical blinds in the rooms with low ceilings. Vertical blinds are ideal for offices and rooms where privacy is major concern. And as for the sunlight, you can easily control it with these blinds.